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  Founded on April 14, 1913 by a group of 13 citizens, the fire department was officially chartered as the Oakhurst Independent Hose Company #1 on April 23 with 30 members. The Oakhurst Fire Department was the only fire department in the township until the Wanamassa Fire Company was founded in 1921. The first fire apparatus was a hose cart donated by a Mrs. Wilson who lived on a large estate in the Oakhurst section and the Deal Fire Company #1 also donated an old hook and ladder truck.

   In June 1915 the Board of Fire Commissioners for Fire District #1 was created to procure the tax dollars needed to operate the department and build a firehouse. The original budget raised $2,000 through taxation and $7,000 was bonded. The department purchased its first motorized apparatus in 1915. The engine was manufactured in Buffalo, NY and was driven to Oakhurst in a snowstorm, wearing the tires down to the rims. In 1917 the site of Marcus A. Coon’s blacksmith shop was purchased and a new, brick firehouse built on the property. The structure was built in three weeks using 42,000 bricks and still stands on its original Monmouth Road site, now housing a travel agency. The Oakhurst Fire Department now has two fire houses one at 72 Larkin Place and the other at 1005 Deal Road. By the late 1920s the shore area had become a popular tourist attraction which brought people from all over and created new problems, such a motor vehicle accidents, CO Emergencies, Structure Fires Etc. Members responded to approximately 800 calls in 2018. The members also saw the need in 1928 to create a first aid squad from within the fire department, The Oakhurst First Aid Squad was handling up to 1500 calls a year though were unable to keep up with the growing call volume and disbanded entirely in December of 2017. Oakhurst EMS Inc. was created in 2014 and staffed Per-Diem Employees to assist with call volume. In 2018 alone, 1800 calls were answered by Oakhurst EMS Inc and In January 2019, Oakhurst EMS Inc. began staffing full-time Emergency Medical Technicians.  






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